»Coffee & Cake encounter« am 25. Oktober in Berlin

Wäre ich dieses Wochenende in Berlin, würde ich zum ersten „Coffee & Cake encounter“ gehen. Aus der Ankündigung:

»This is a club for anyone who enjoys conversation over a cup of coffee (or tea) in a comfy couch. I think there is nothing that pairs best than coffee and cake, so I’ll make sure the sweets are as good as the coffee! We meet at a different café every time to ’sample‘ their scrumptious creations, but can also host meetups at our own homes with homemade sweets. Recipe sharing and discussion are more than welcome!

I am super excited since this will be my first Meetup ever. I have been wanting to organise a group like this for a very long time. I would love to meet other coffee-and-cake-minded people and share stories, recipes and a nice time. I thought we could meet at one of my favourite cafés in Berlin for its laid back and cozy vibe: Leuchtstoff Kaffeebar.

Now… As I realised while creating the group, the Organizer must pay a sum for creating the Meetup, so I only ask for a 1 euro ‚fee‘ to cover these charges. Whatever you wish to have goes straight to the café, of course. Looking forward to next Saturday! Yay!«

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